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Friday, August 12, 2011

Snapshots of (mostly) sunny Seattle

The great thing about cameras in cell phones is they tend to be right there when you see something you want to photograph.  
"OW!" - he must have hiked up the hill too

The not so great thing is the picture quality.  Especially on a sunny day when you're wearing polarized sunglasses and can't see what you're aiming at! 
There be dragons!
The International District is infested with them!

So bear with me, eventually we'll haul out the big Nikon out and take some better shots.  But for now. . .

Seattle is a hilly place, hillier even than Rome or Sheffield.  Or at least the hills seem steeper. They loom up out of the landscape in a threatening manner when you're on a heavily laden, folding bike, or carrying groceries home.  I am reminded of my brief foray to San Francisco, though it's not quite that hilly!

Just walking about the neighborhood (Queen Anne) I am constantly reminded of the undulating landscape.   The advantage of hills of course, is the view once you've made it up.  
Looking down towards the Ship Canal

Seattle is also a very watery place.  Boats and ships of all shapes and sizes from kayaks and even tiny paddleboards to ocean going vessels ply the local waters.  We spent a sunny evening watching the water traffic on the Ship Canal, while the Fremont Bridge was going up and down, and enjoying the variety of watercraft that passed by. 

D. is lucky, his office has an excellent view of the Ship Canal, and the Burke-Gilman trail that runs beside it.  
The Burke Gilman trail from D.'s desk

Just east of the Fremont Bridge along the canal is the soaring Aurora Bridge (also known as the George Washington Memorial Bridge).  It's probably nicer to look at than drive on, as it's prone to traffic jams.  
Aurora Bridge, from the Fremont side

Heading west from Fremont is the Ballard Bridge, not the nicest bridge to cycle over, as the pedestrian/cycle area is small and sprinkled with shards of broken glass, but you get a good view of the shipyards and fishing boats in Salmon Bay.
The Ballard Bridge, from Queen Anne
Seattle is also musical place, right now, I can hear the plink-plunk of a banjo down the street, and I hear tell of all sorts of sessions, open bands, dances and other entertainments. . . except in August.  We had been forewarned, but it seems strange that everyone ups sticks in August and goes elsewhere (especially when the weather is so nice here at the moment).  Never mind, it will give us a little time to adapt and get oriented before they all come back.  Maybe by then we won't look so obviously dazed and confused (I've lost count of the number of nice people who have asked if I was lost or needed help finding something!).
Still a little out of synch with the local time, but getting up at dawn has its advantages.  The disadvantage is the undeniable urge to fall asleep right after supper.

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